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Professor Brimmy A. A. U. Olaghere

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African Continental Bank

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The Federal Republic of the United African States (UAS) is a government of the New African's World (NAW) made up of the citizens of Africa-indigenuous and dual citizens of Asian-Nation-States, the North and South America, Caribbean, Europe, China, India, Australia and New Guinea among others.

The Government is to address the injustices and harm done to Africa for so many centuries. Africans around the world suffer socio-economic disparity, poverty, ignorance, illiteracy, the least respected, the least appreciated, unequal priviledges to carry and unequal rights to claim in Affairs of the world at the world stage.

UAS is therefore the new dawn in human history to build the New Africa's World (NAW) where Africans around the world will have equal priviledge to carry and equal rights to claim in affairs of the world at the world stage.

The historical perspective of the United African States

Historical Perspective

The journey started in 1961 when an Edo State born Nigerian, now Professor Brimmy Abraham A. U. Olaghere...

The Founding Fathers of United African States

UAS Founding Fathers

The UAS was formed by some African Independent Nations’ leaders who felt that there was a need for all African...

The Organisation of African Unity


The Organisation of African Unity was formed to seek political independence for all African-Nation-States...

The African Development Bank


The African Development Bank (ADB) was established under the sensitisation of Professor Abraham A. U. Olaghere...